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Circular Knives & Slitter Knives Grinding Machine

Product ID: CVH-500D

CVH-500 is an up-to-date CNC Circular Knives Grinder with the most advanced design in its appearance and structure.

Fully-enclosed splash guard is standard equipment which is much safer and reduces noises greatly.

Circular Knives Grinder with precise and user-friendly design can do further adjustments on forwarding cutting even after closing the splash guard.

Equipped with rotary pneumatic cylinder, to change circular knife speedily is not a problem!

Z-axis controlled by servo motor which can set the grinding amount and number of grinding times freely.

This is a precise and environmental machine which is suitable for Pulp and paper industry, plastic industry and other livelihood supplies industry.

It owns a number of patents from Taiwan, U.S. and Europe as well as CE certificate.


Circular Knives Grinde

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MeasurementsStandard Accessories
Grinding range/circular knife diameter : ø65 ~ ø500 mm Fully enclosed splash guard : 1 pc
Swivel angle : ±90o Coolant system : 1 set
Knife rotational speed : 175 rpm Saw blade clamp o90 mm : 1 set
Z-axis AC servo motor : 400 w Saw blade clamp o130 mm : 1 set
X-axis to and from : 18 mm / Min Working lamp : 1 set
Actual grinding wheel diameter : o120 mm ~ o200 mm Plane grinding wheel : 1 pc
Grinding wheel inner diameter : o31.75 mm Flange : 1 set
Grinding wheel motor : 1.5 kw Tool box : 1 set
Grinding wheel rotation speed : 1000 ~ 4500 rpm Lubrication system : 1 set
Cooling system motor : 1/6 hp -
Installation power : 2.5 kw -
Net weight/gross weight : 1050 / 1193 kg -
Packing damensions : 148*173*214 cm -
Contact Detail
Contact:Mr. KUO TIAN YAU
Address:No.5, Jingke 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852, Taiwan (R.O.C.)